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August 7th-10th, 2024 


Exciting news! The final details for Tyrannus are here! If you've been impacted by The Conquered Campus or School of Tyrannus training, please help us spread the word 🌟 Share the promo video on your Instagram! LINK HERE


We are thrilled to announce the School of Tyrannus 2024 main speaker and schedule! Mark your calendars for August 7th - 10th, our first in-person event since 2022!


Join us for a week of impartation with Pastor Joe Campetella and many more speakers! College students and young ministers from across the country are already coming - attendees from Arizona, California, Florida, France, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and many other locations!


This event is free - just find a way there! This is a unique opportunity to connect with passionate young ministers nationwide.


You can catch up on all the teaching from SOT 2023, you can find it by clicking on the training tab or right here!

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Your faith will be awakened and activated by major victories that are happening on universities and colleges today. You will be equipped and empowered to tear down the adversary's wicked pillars and establish the truth of Jesus Christ on your campus! Light entered into the world and the darkness could not overtake it (John 1:14). It is time for us to conquer the campus climate so that all of "Asia" can hear the Word once again!

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All proceeds from the book will be directed back into the School of Tyrannus


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Through spiritual warfare, we are being called to take our campuses back and to reignite what God revealed through the Apostle Paul 2,000 years ago.


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