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The Apologetics resource page is a compilation of videos that the School of Tyrannus has reviewed and found helpful. It is not an approval of the overall doctrinal belief of the speaker or the youtube channel that is streaming the video. We are solely approving the videos that are shared below in the context which they are taught. The majority of these videos are dealing with the defense of faith against any worldview that opposes Christianity. 

John Lennox is the speaker in this video. He beautifully breaks down the distinctive traits of Christianity. He reveals how the other two monotheistic religions greatly differ from the heart of Christianity. 

Watch it here

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Lee Strobel, was a former atheist turned Christian who was also a forensic scientist. Lee used his research abilities to attempt to dismantle the resurrection of Jesus. To his surprise, rather than dismantling the resurrection he became a great defender of the gospel! In this video, He shares four principles that provide tremendous evidence for the crucifiction and resurrection

Watch it here!

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